Bee Pest Control

Bees infesting your precious properties and creating havoc for you? Well, we know how stressful and downright scary bees are swarming your indoors and outdoors can be. Dealing with bees yourself can be challenging, especially since you lack the know-how of what to do in such situations. First off, you need to understand what you’re dealing with before creating a stir.

First off, bees are considered beneficial pollinators and are not aggressive or dangerous unless someone in your family is allergic to them. However, when it comes to bee removal in Perth services, you want to make the right choice, and our reference guide can make you make the best of your current situation.

#1: Gain an understanding of the bee removal process

Of course, you don’t have to become an expert in it, but it won’t hurt if you have a basic understanding of the common bee or wasp removal techniques. This will help you choose the right bee or wasp removal in Perth services. Some bee removal companies tend to use chemicals and pesticides that harm the natural population of bees. Others, on the contrary, use humane methods of bee removal and relocation. Consider the pros and cons of both processes before you start hunting for a bee removal company in Perth.

#2: Ask the right questions

Just when you find the right bee removal service provider, be prepared to ask them the right questions. This will not only give you the relief and peace of mind you need in such strenuous situations but effortlessly help you narrow down the best options. Ask questions like:

#3: Check their credentials and licenses

When a business undertakes a dangerous service at your home, you need to ensure that they have the proper credentials, insurance, and license for the same. Liability insurance will prevent both parties in case of any injury or damage, and credentials would mean that they possess the technical competence for the same.

#4: Read their reviews and testimonials

Gain a holistic view of their services and customer feedback by diving into different online review sites. Read about the customer experiences, the customer service levels, and how well are their service standards. You can employ Angie’s List, Yelp, Google My Business, Yellow Pages, etc., to gain deeper insights into their wasp removal in Perth services.

#5: Review their service list

Likely, the bee removal in Perth company you hire doesn’t only offer those services. So, it is always better to browse through the other services they offer in case you might require their aid in the future.

Here are a few reasons to consider why using Jim’s

  1. All our local Perth pest technicians are business owners with an invested interest providing 5 star service.
  2. All our local Perth termite and pest technicians are qualified, properly trained and licensed
  3. At Jim’s we have a call centre that will professionally take your details and pass it on the nearest available franchisee (licensed pest control technician)
  4. Our call centre also do random quality checks and surveys to clients to ensure clients have experienced an excellent service. If not the case, the technician will be sent back to rectify.
  5. Jim’s termite & Pest control was established over ten years ago
  6. We have over 100 Licensed Pest Technicians and share knowledge and experience across the group
  7. In the Jim’s group, we have over 50 divisions meaning, the Termite & Pest control Franchisee or technician can put you in contact with many other services such as Building Inspections, Handy man, Fencing etc. See all services on
  8. All our Franchisees will call you within 2 hours once you have called the call centre and provided your details and the service you require.
  9. Due to our large team, same day services in case of any pest related emergencies can be done.
  10. Our Termite and Pest control vehicles are all signed professionally and fitted with the most advanced equipment to prevent cross contamination and all our vehicles are inspected and approved by the WA Health Department

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