Summer brings picnics, fun outside and ant control solutions.

Photo by Salmen Bejaoui on Unsplash

What can Ants do?

Ants find their way into our lives inside and out, no matter how much we try to avoid them, they are there. Jim’s ant control solutions can help you become ant-free this summer! Ants are not the friendly little creatures that we see pushing that rubber tree plant. They are strong and tenacious, but they can spread disease, sting, and bite and excavate places in our gardens we had not planned to dig! No thank you!  Identify the ants you have and move on from there.

What Jim’s can do?

What can you do?

Basically, keep it clean! Reduce food waste and rubbish. Clean your dishes before bed dry and put them away. If nothing is left out, food, candy or any other items for them to explore, they will definitely be less interested.  Take the rubbish out before bed. Do not leave it in the home overnight. Be sure to keep it away from the home as well.

Also rotate your food stock in the pantry as well. Additionally, remove old items and dispose. Keep your food storage both above ground and away from walls. Make sure food is secured in containers and bags and keep your rubbish secure and locked.

In the end

Professional services are the way to go. You don’t want to mess with store bought solutions and end up contaminating food or worse pets and children. Jim’s pest control is professional with an excellent service record. Contact Jim’s today!



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