Ant pest control Perth WA is one of our most popular services!

Why do Ants love my kitchen?

Ants are movers and shakers. They are opportunists and go where the food is. Crumbs on your counter? Expect to have a few visitors. Ants love the crumbs…they are already ant-sized, what’s not to love?  What’s another desirable asset to the average ant?  It’s easy access. Ants crawl right up the front of your cabinets and onto the counter to munch on those delectable crumbs you leave about each night!

Multiple Services

Affordable ant pest control Perth near me has always been difficult. Everyone wants to sell multiple services at once. This is quite common in the industry and here’s why. Most pest infestations occur in multiples. Where there is one, there is another. For instance, if you have a snake infestation, look around. You probably have a mouse problem too! That’s why multiple services come up when a pest control specialist comes out to your property to make a quotation.

Western Australia has a huge population of common pests, so we specialize in cockroach control, termite infestation, spider control and more! Our professional service outlines the long term issues and discusses industry leading practices that are available today. We go over eco-friendly options when possible, but hands down, we are all about providing quality pest management services at an affordable price to meet your pest treatment needs.

Check out this article on ant identification, just in case you thought all ants were the same!

So, let’s get back to ant pest control Perth, WA. You want the ants gone, but nothing helps? We’re going to fix that issue. First let’s discuss a few practices that will minimize the ant population right off the bat. Let’s reduce the items ants like to eat. Clean your counters, dishes and sinks each night and you’ve removed their food source!  Next make sure your trash is out and away from the home in covered bins. No need to move their food source right outside the home like a buffet!

Hard Workers

Ants work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and so do we! You can always reach Jim’s Pest Control Services after hours by 131546 or by booking online! We’re here to make sure your ant pest control Perth needs are met all the time. In the mean time feel free to read more about our ant pest control Perth WA services, right here:



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