Fleas in my Home – How do I prevent the problem?

The Calls   “I’m trying to prevent fleas in my home and so far it’s not going well.”  Are you currently combating a flea infestation? The calls about flea infestations in homes are all too common.   Where did they come from?   If you have pets in your home, it’s likely that at some […]

Spiders around your home? Get them Out!

Spiders around your home are no laughing matter! Photo by Wayne Lee-Sing on Unsplash Not only do spiders around your home make children cringe but those beady eyes, the 8 long legs and sometimes hairy bodies make most adults take a step back! I can just picture the ugly beast crawling up a wall or […]

Ant Control Solutions for your Home

Summer brings picnics, fun outside and ant control solutions. What can Ants do? Ants find their way into our lives inside and out, no matter how much we try to avoid them, they are there. Jim’s ant control solutions can help you become ant-free this summer! Ants are not the friendly little creatures that we […]

Why Pests are Attracted to Your Home

There are any number of reasons why pests are attracted to your home. But it’s My House! Pests are attracted to your home for a few reasons. In fact, they are really just basic needs.  Let’s rule them out one by one to make sure you put your best effort forward before calling in the […]

Jim’s Pest Control Prices are Right on the Money!

Budgeting for pest control prices is not fun! Pest control prices can get out of hand, but with Jim’s Pest Control, I don’t have to worry! Budget Finding cheap pest control prices and eco-friendly pest control near me is never easy. Jim’s Pest Control, however supplies both. Jim’s pest control prices are fair. They understand […]

Jim’s Pest Control Provides all Manner of Pest Treatment

Pest treatment is best left to the professionals. When it comes to pest treatment, there are options. Jim’s uses not only chemical and physical but environmental methods as well. Specific to Needs If there’s no reason for chemical methods, we won’t use them. We will tailor the method to the pest as well as to […]

Keeping Those Ants at Bay Until We Arrive!

Ant pest control Perth WA is one of our most popular services! Why do Ants love my kitchen? Ants are movers and shakers. They are opportunists and go where the food is. Crumbs on your counter? Expect to have a few visitors. Ants love the crumbs…they are already ant-sized, what’s not to love?  What’s another […]

Pest Control Perth Pre-Season Clean-up Time is Here!

Pre-season pest control Perth is Upon Us! Pest control Perth has many options. First and foremost should include prevention.  Once again, the warm weather is upon us and you know what that means! It’s snake season!  Jim’s pest control is to help you understand how to avoid the many snakes of Australia and how to […]

Perth Pest Control Services Near Me at Reasonable Prices

Finding Perth pest control services on a budget is easy. Perth pest control services are not for the faint of heart! How would I ever find Perth pest control services at reasonable prices? Jim’s Pest Control Services has the answers.  We have everything from the mundane ant to the nasty cockroach and more!  Pest control […]

Cockroach Pest Control How to Get Rid of Roaches!

   Cockroach pest control time is now! Cockroaches, even the word sends shivers up and down the spines of brawny men! And the words cockroach infestation has women running for the hills! So, how do we get rid of the blasted bugs? Read on because we are going to teach you about the ways to […]