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What Makes Cockroaches So Difficult To Manage?

Everywhere you look, cockroaches may be found. You never know where they’ll come from. Because they’re so hard to get rid of, they’re one of the nastiest bugs to deal with in your house. Even the Best Cockroach Pest Control Perth companies are one of the most challenging bugs to eradicate. But why is it so difficult to keep them under control? Cockroach growth and infestation are challenging to manage because of the following factors:

  • They may run away quickly.

How many times have you tried to kill a cockroach by throwing a slipper at it or spraying it, only for it to flee just in time? Due to their incredible speed, cockroaches can rapidly and safely leave dangerous circumstances. According to specific research, they can move at a pace of about 3 miles per hour.

  • They Multiply Quickly

Did you know a female cockroach (depending on the species) can produce almost 800 babies a year? Cockroaches are abundant as a result. Consider allowing a female cockroach in your house this long time before attempting to eradicate them all using pest control measures. They may multiply fast, so even if you give them a brief break, you will shortly find yourself back where you started.

  • They are small

Significant pests are simple to identify and get rid of, but more minor pests are the ones that cause the most trouble. They may slip away via the little gaps, hide in crevices, etc. If an extermination attempt is made without the assistance of a reputable pest control business, this can protect them from it.

  • They can live without food

To get rid of bugs in your house quickly and easily, try depriving them of food and water. Without food or water, they may live for up to a month without fending for themselves. There are no limits regarding what they can or cannot consume regarding their diet; they eat whatever they want if it’s edible.

  • They are resilient Creatures

As soon as you remove a person’s head from the body, they die instantaneously. Not cockroaches, though. They are one of the few pests capable of surviving for up to a week without their heads. In addition, they can survive for up to 40 minutes without breathing.

Bottom line

Cockroaches are tough to eradicate for a variety of reasons. Only a qualified cockroach exterminator can deal with them. At Jim’s Termite and Pest Control, we set up a guaranteed cockroach control program and give advice on how to prevent future issues in a building and its surrounding environment. Contact us right now if you need one in Perth.