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Summer brings out a plethora of the creepy crawlies!  Cockroach pest control Perth is paramount to enjoying the season! Jim’s Pest control has some of the best Perth pest control prices around and they are excellent termite pest control technicians!  Nothing strikes fear faster in the hearts of any homeowner like the thought of cockroaches or termites, ants, wasps, even snails! But, trust me…cockroaches are the really scary ones! Summer pest control is of the utmost importance if you want to be rid of these creepy crawlies. Read on for tips and suggestions on how to combat summer pests!


Most cockroaches love damp, warm areas. Rarely do they fly, except the American Cockroach, that guy gets around!  In Perth WA cockroaches are a year round pest but especially during the summer months when they migrate indoors and hang out on your water pipes, in your cupboards, sub-floor voids or near your heating systems. If you see cockroaches in your home you need a cockroach pest control Perth specialist!

Cockroach Types and Identification

What types do we normally see in Perth, WA? Well, the most common is the German cockroach. It’s smallish at 12mm and its body is beige to light brown. It has two dark stripes down the body. This type rarely flies. (Thank goodness!) It like to hide in food storage areas and like most cockroaches prefers to venture out at night.

The American cockroach is larger, 30-50mm in length and a red-brown colour.  There is also a yellow band behind the head. This one loves dark, warm, moist places. Think bathrooms, sewers, water pipes, heating systems and wall, roof and floor voids. This type flies and won’t hesitate. This bug is brazen!

The Brown-banded cockroach is again on the small side at 13-14mm long. It has a pale brown colour with very light banding across the body. Now this one doesn’t need the moisture to survive, so you may find this one anywhere in the building. Yikes! Be on the look out!

The Native Australian black cockroach is larger, like the American cockroach, black in colour with white around the edges, but this one is wingless!  It is mostly an outside vermin but can be found indoors especially in the summer.


What kinds of damage to roaches cause? Mainly they carry disease and leave a little behind as they crawl across your counters, floors and walls. They leave droppings that contaminate food and drink. They can even start electrical fires and cause shorts by climbing in and round your wires.

How can you avoid the dreaded cockroach?

Honestly, they are almost unavoidable!  If you do see them, clean, clean, and clean and use any available sprays, baits or dusts to get rid of them. Jim’s Pest Control, Perth specializes in cockroach pest control Perth, so have them out to discuss your options! Pest control treatment Perth is a year-round activity!

The Tiny, yet Annoying Flea

 Fleas are another year-round pest, but most active inside your home in summer! Fleas are tiny, tiny wingless pests. Often they are carried inside on the family pet. Dogs and cats are both susceptible to fleas. Dogs are more bothered by the little pests than cats. Constant scratching is a sure sign that your dog has fleas and of course this helps spread the little vermin. Every time your pet scratches, he flicks a few more onto the bedding surface, floor, etc.

Eggs are laid and can stay dormant until a host (a warm blooded animal) is detected by vibration and then they hatch and find something or someone to latch on to. The eggs of the flea are laid on the host but they drop off and can be found deep inside your carpet fibers, furniture, pet bedding, etc. Don’t wait to find them! Protect your pets before it happens! There are many over the counter flea treatments or collars available to curb an infestation of these little pests. Pest control treatment Perth is really your responsibility! Don’t slack off!

I’ve got fleas! Now what should I do?

These little guys can stick around a long time, so your best bet is to call a licensed pest control operator like Jim’s Pest Control. Jim’s can teach you about prevention options and control.  They can come in and bomb rooms, or spray outdoor areas with proprietary products. The best tool in your arsenal is prevention for this vermin. Get your dogs and cats flea collars or topical solutions available at your vet. Don’t wait for summer pest control solutions. Keep your pets covered year round! Jim’s Pest Control has awesome pest Perth pest control prices, so remember to call them for all your pest control needs.

What about Stickfast Fleas?

Now these are more commonly found on poultry but they do live on cats and dogs as well and these have been reported to bother humans as well. So what’s a chicken rancher or home chicken keeper to do? Well, you can have your birds chemically treated, as well as your coupe, but you need to again be proactive with Stickfast Fleas….check your birds for these fleas often, have a cement floor in the coup and keep it clean! This type of flea is found in the summer months.

How do I get rid of Stickfast fleas on my birds?

If you have an infestation, you can kill them with chemicals or you can use petroleum jelly and spread it on the affected parts of the bird. Clean everything, burning any debris from the chicken yard and any litter. Get a cement floor and keep it clean, making this part of your summer pest control plan!

Termites, How do they help?

The Termite is another fear-inducing member of the bug world! Termites outdoors are helpful in many ways.  They do serve their purpose as they hollow out logs for birds and other small animals, aerate soil and they are even part of the food chain for various animals.

Termites, How do they hinder?

Termites in your wood framed home, pergola or shed can mean big problems. If you spot termites leave them alone and call a professional, noting exactly where they are located. Remember, if you see one termite, there are thousands more! Termites are social and that means that there will be many.

How should I get rid of termites?

Again your best defense against termites is a good offense. Homeowners must clear timber piles, rotting leaves and any rotting rubbish from around your house and yard. Check for leaking hoses and other sources of wet soil. Keep on top of this and you may be able to avoid termites. Jim’s Pest Control can explain the various types of termites and help you formulate a termite pest control plan that fits your needs and budget. Jim’s Pest Control has Perth pest control prices to rival anyone. Call Jim today!

Those are just a few of the uninvited guests you can expect this summer! Keep checking back for more information on summer pests and summer pest control!

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