Cockroach pest control time is now!

Cockroaches, even the word sends shivers up and down the spines of brawny men! And the words cockroach infestation has women running for the hills! So, how do we get rid of the blasted bugs? Read on because we are going to teach you about the ways to get rid of them, who to call and what to do while you wait for your Jim’s Pest Control technician to arrive!

First, l say that some things are just better left to the professionals and this is one of them!

Cockroach pest control with Bait

Anything that doesn’t require me to touch a cockroach is fine with me! Bait is a good option for indoor infestations. It works well anywhere from kitchens to hospitals to hotels and comes in three states: liquid, gel and solid.

First bait is placed in areas around the building where roaches typically live and eat!  After the cockroach eats and goes back to his nest to rest and relax, this is where the magic happens. Roaches poop a lot. It’s true. We’ve checked. Next, other roaches consume this poop and then they die because the toxins in the bait work that way too. After the roach that ate the bait dies and the other roaches eat his body, you guessed it, they die too. This bait is sounding better and better, isn’t it? It’s like the old shampoo commercials…she’ll tell two friends and she’ll tell two friends! So, as long as they keep re-infecting one another with the toxins the entire colony can say goodbye.

Cockroach pest control with Dust

Jim’s techs apply dust to roof voids, as well as the sub-floor of your home or business and we also shoot it into wall cavities. We leave no surface untreated!  Getting the most effective result sometimes involves using more than one treatment type at a time. So maybe its dust and sprays or more likely bait and sprays to keep them out and kill the ones that got in!

Cockroach pest control with Spray

We head outside with this one. All of our sprays are a mixture of chemicals designed to kill the cockroaches.  We spray them around the perimeter of your home to keep the roaches from even getting in! Our cockroach exterminator technicians know exactly what to do!

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