Spraying with Environmentally Friendly Materials

As specialists in eco friendly pest control Perth, Jim’s Pest Control is your go to source and offers the best pest eco friendly pest control options in the Perth, WA area. For those that are environmentally conscious about pest control, we utilize a spray of materials that do not hurt the environment. In addition there are many steps you can take at home for eco friendly pest control on your own. The best pest control steps and eco friendly pest control options are preventative measures you can follow yourself.


They include:


If its termites you fear, you will need an expert insect exterminator from Jim’s Pest Control to come out and inspect. Learn the signs of termites so you will know when to call. The signs are stains on the ceiling that look like wet areas that are spreading. This is a sure sign of termites especially in areas where there is no water source. Look for piles of wings. Termites swarm when their colony is full and they need to make a new one. They start out looking like ants and progress to winged ants. They lose their wings when they go back into wooded areas where they find a mate and breed.

When it comes to Perth pest control, Jim’s has a long record in each community and we support our communities by being there when you need us, so please call us. We are here to service you. Find the correct area on our web site and get to a local office straight away.

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