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“I’m trying to prevent fleas in my home and so far it’s not going well.”  Are you currently combating a flea infestation? The calls about flea infestations in homes are all too common.


Where did they come from?


If you have pets in your home, it’s likely that at some point you will have a flea or 10,000.  They seemingly multiply and grow before your eyes!


Even if you’ve never had pets, you may still have a flea infestation.  Nevertheless, if previous owners had pets, they may be the culprits that albeit unknowingly, carried them inside.


Why do they stay in my home?


Fleas lay eggs on your pet’s bodies where the eggs are warm and snuggly between their skin and fur. Don’t count on them staying there though. The oval eggs are mobile! They roll around and fall off, landing anywhere and everywhere in your home, on your furniture and even in your bed!


Fleas just have staying power. They can remain in the pupa stage for up to a year! Why not? It’s comfortable! You like your home, so do they.  Once the larvae sense prey, i.e. you and your pets, they hatch and feed on organic matter in carpets, furniture, curtains and beds.


Cleanliness is next to flea-less-ness!


I know you want me to say run out and get a spray. That’s not going to work.



It’s grooming for Fifi and Fido!


Grab a flea comb and have at them daily, probably several times a day. Keep looking for those small white flea eggs and flea dirt. It looks like pepper.


They still won’t leave! I still have fleas in my home!


A flea infestation is bad news.  Not everyone has the stamina to keep up.  Never fear.  Make your call to Jim’s Pest Control and start the conversation, “How can I prevent fleas in my home?”  We are here to help and we have the solution in hand.



Treat the Source!


Meanwhile as we treat the fleas in your home, you need to treat your pet. Get them to a vet for the best possible treatment.


Photo by IRENE on Unsplash


For continued reading on fleas, see this flea info page.

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