Rat and Mice Control Perth WA

Rats are the most unwelcomed pests in households and require immediate action to prevent them from populating your home. One of the scariest situations for you is when you enter a room only to find a rat busy chewing through your precious things. It is why as soon as you spot a rat, you need to start dialling the number of the best rat pest control in Perth company.

However, finding the best pest control mice in Perth company is easier said than done, mainly when surrounded by an overwhelming number of options. Of course, you want to partner with a company that can not only get rid of mice today but prevent any future infestations as well. You need to look for a company that offers quality services and values your investment. Cost should not be the deciding factor in such instances.

Here are a few tips to help you find the best pest control company in Perth.

#1: Take your time and do your homework

When you discover a pest problem, you want to eradicate it immediately. However, you need to select a competent and reasonably priced company. Therefore, it is wise to obtain several estimates from prospective rat pest control in Perth companies and ask them for a free estimate.

#2: Consult how long they’ve been in business

Start by inquiring about the number of years they’ve been serving customers with their pest control mice in Perth services. You can always connect with organizations like Better Business Bureau, review sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Angie’s List, etc., and review if the uploaded address matches their current business address.

#3: Ask them for a list of references

Ask your rat pest control in Perth company if they can help you with a list of previous customers they serviced. Contact several references to find out if they are satisfied with the services provided by the pest control company.

#4: Are the employees licensed, certified and insured

pest control mice in Perth company must include at least one certified and licensed pesticide applicator. Moreover, all their employees must be insured in case of any injury or property damage at the job. Indulge only with companies with insured and licensed professionals.

#5: Ask them for a copy of their pest control license

Reliable pest control in Perth company will always be ready to show you their credentials that include their copy of pesticide labels they can apply, the proper application rates, and all the necessary precautions. Always verify their business credentials on the central database.

#6: Ask them the services they will offer

When you’re hiring a rodent control company, that will include several materials for rodent exclusion such as:

You want to make sure that your hired rodent company works towards removing all the materials after they’re done.

Here are a few reasons to consider why using Jim’s

  1. All our local Perth pest technicians are business owners with an invested interest providing 5 star service.
  2. All our local Perth termite and pest technicians are qualified, properly trained and licensed
  3. At Jim’s we have a call centre that will professionally take your details and pass it on the nearest available franchisee (licensed pest control technician)
  4. Our call centre also do random quality checks and surveys to clients to ensure clients have experienced an excellent service. If not the case, the technician will be sent back to rectify.
  5. Jim’s termite & Pest control was established over ten years ago
  6. We have over 100 Licensed Pest Technicians and share knowledge and experience across the group
  7. In the Jim’s group, we have over 50 divisions meaning, the Termite & Pest control Franchisee or technician can put you in contact with many other services such as Building Inspections, Handy man, Fencing etc. See all services on Jims.net
  8. All our Franchisees will call you within 2 hours once you have called the call centre and provided your details and the service you require.
  9. Due to our large team, same day services in case of any pest related emergencies can be done.
  10. Our Termite and Pest control vehicles are all signed professionally and fitted with the most advanced equipment to prevent cross contamination and all our vehicles are inspected and approved by the WA Health Department

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