Pest Inspection Perth

Jim’s Pest Control is a specialist in pest inspection Perth. We are primarily outdoor pest exterminator specialists, but we deal with inside bugs every day! Don’t buy a new home without getting a new home pest inspection by someone on Jim’s team. Jim’s Pest Control works as an outdoor pest exterminator but we know all the signs and can treat indoor pests as well.

The Good

Termite breeds that are active outside aerate soil and are part of the food chain for other animals. They do hollow out logs and things of that nature that other animals may hide in or take shelter from the weather. So as you can see, they are not all bad!

As a pest exterminator old home Perth, we do see many termite infestations that rival what you see in movies. We are not afraid to stand up to termites, so if it’s an old you’re after or a new home pest inspection we can help. Jim’s staff can identify exactly which type of Termite you are dealing with. Australia has more than 360 different species of termites! Wow! Fear not! There are very few that cause actual damage.

The Bad…Signs of Termites

Termitesleave behind some signs that the home owner may find. There are often mud tunnels on cement walls or up the sides of homes. These mud tunnels can extend inside the home into walls and joists. These are travel highways for termites. This is where you will often find the small white, soft bodied bugs feeding on the wood in your home. Termites invade and when they do, they stay for a long time. Their progress is often slow; so many home owners don’t even know they are there.

The Ugly…Pest Inspection Perth

Termites have been known to eat the backing off drywall!  Either way, you want them out. Short of burning down their tunnels…we don’t want you doing that, a pest inspection Perth can determine where the termites are, if they have invaded your home and how best to see them gone! Jim’s Pest Control is the premiere pest exterminator Perth and we will be more than happy to get the job done for you. Our first step is always termite identification. We want to come up with a long-term plan that will keep them at bay for you, so identification is paramount.


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