Pest Control Companies Perth Offer Pre Purchase Termite Home Inspection!

Pest control companies Perth, like Jim’s Pest Control guide buyers through the Pre-purchase Timber Pest Home Inspection process every day. They also provide a full report of their services for your reference.

Why Inspect?

Inspections are an important part of the home buying process. Once you find a house you love, it’s time to start the inspection process.  So, why should I hire an inspector? It is important to hire an expert in the field of the items you are looking for. Let’s face it, no one wants to find termites, but if they are there you want to know before you spend your money on a place or worse yet, before you move in! Yikes!

Who should Do My Inspection?

Well as most would tell you, it is important to hire the right man/woman for the job. Home inspectors are hired for their knowledge of homes, building knowledge and expertise in construction. They are not pest inspectors. Many know the signs but your best option is to coordinate the Pest Inspection with a Home Inspection. Hire any of the professional Pest Control Companies Perth to do this job.  Pest Control Companies Perth have the knowledge and can spend less time and money spotting the signs and giving you detailed reports and solutions for your pest issue. Your pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspection is one of the most important inspections you can have done.


The pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspection includes inspection for active Termites, borers, wood decay, fungi and molds. What can you do if you find that timber pests are present?  Well this is before purchase so you have options.  It certainly gives you a leg up for negotiations.  Australian Standards provide specific locations to be inspected and a licensed Timber Pest Inspector will have that list and see to it that each and every space is gone over correctly. Pest control companies Perth focus on these standards, at least Jim’s Pest Control does, and they work with them daily, so they are all too familiar with the standards and the pests!

Reports & Standards

Australian Inspection Standards also require complete reporting. These reports are detailed, and not only will discuss timber pests found, their current level of activity if an, but also moisture issues and the disposition of them.  The Australian environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) sets the standards when it comes to Timber Pest Inspection. In addition, the AEPMA identifies and qualifies Timber Pest Inspectors across Australia.  Finding Pest Control Companies Perth that follows the AEPMA Standards is an important part of locating the proper Inspector for pest infestation. They also administer PestCert which says that your Home Pest Inspection Company meets the highest Australian standards. The Standards aim to help prospective home purchasers by defining what the problem is and estimates for treatment as well. After all, no one needs a big financial surprise right after purchasing a new home.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Keep in mind that this type of Timber Pest Inspection does not determine the extent of the damages that Timber Pests have caused, or the severity of what they have done. It seeks only to tell you where they are and that there is evidence.  This is simply too intrusive.  Inspectors can’t take the house apart after all. So while inspectors are looking for the obvious signs of Timber Pests, they may not be so obvious to you and this is why you hire a specialist like Jim’s Pest Control. Call today!

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