Pre-season pest control Perth is Upon Us!

Pest control Perth has many options. First and foremost should include prevention.  Once again, the warm weather is upon us and you know what that means! It’s snake season!  Jim’s pest control is to help you understand how to avoid the many snakes of Australia and how to know the difference! Searching pest control near me produces several options, but I always go to Jim’s as they are top notch on my list!

Yard Clean-up

First, let’s talk about the clean-up part. For this, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, research what types of snakes are in your specific area so that you know what they look like. We can give you an idea of what the most common snakes look like, but you should double check what is popular in your area just the same.

Dress the Part

Second, you need to dress appropriately! All too often, people sustain snake bites while doing yard work in preparation for the season because they are not outfitted properly. Shoes are a must, boots are better. Flip-flops are out! We know it’s hot, but really nothing is more delectable to a cornered snake than a toe! So don your boots, snake gaiters if you know it’s a highly populated snake area, denim blue jeans and well we like long sleeves as well and gloves, thick gloves. We aren’t going to pick up any snakes but precautions are a must!

Call, Don’t Act

Keep in mind that most snakes do not attack as a rule. Typically they are cornered or provoked, so it’s best to keep away from them all together. Even snakes that you are sure are not poisonous should be left alone.  If you do encounter a snake if possible use your smartphone to snap a photo or just take note of the colours, patterns and length. Report this information to your local snake catcher, council or a ranger in to check it out. I repeat, do not approach any snake on your own.

Heat Seeking

So far, we know that we need to keep the yard clear of rock piles, wood piles and piles of leaves that will moulder and provide warm hiding spaces for snakes. Long grass is just a haven for anything! Keep that grass short. Tin is another hot spot for snakes. They love to sit under the tin, collecting warmth.

Another potential pest, that snakes often feed on are rodents. So you may need to speak to a Perth pest control specialist and employ their services to keep the rodent population near you down. Less food supply in the area equals fewer snakes!  I know that when I found a large rat population, the snake population was thriving and I had to call in pest control near me to get a handle on them first. By the time the rats were gone, the snakes went with them, saving me the expense of a snake wrangler as well!

Finding Pest Control Near Me

Finding pest control near me isn’t always easy, so I like to keep Jim’s Pest Control Perth on speed dial as the season approaches. First I do my clean up tasks so that they can get to all parts of my yard and then I have them out to check out my work! Jim’s Pest Control Perth offers their standard Snake Capture and Removal Service. Check out the link to a description of the service below.

The other spaces you need to keep clear and always consider that there may be a hidden snake or two are in your garage, car park or any covered, warm area. Snakes can be found in the open areas, but most often they are tucked away in odd places that you wouldn’t locate until you stuck your hand in and moved something. So to review, you should not have any cardboard boxes stacked in your garage or car park; wood piles or rock piles near the house and cut back any long grass that they could hide in.

Now inside you want to check obvious spaces and not so obvious spaces. Look in and around the laundry, especially the dryer because it gets nice and warm. Look in the garage or car park inside any clay planter pots or baskets or boxes. Make sure to look underneath any work benches or tables. The key is to find the hidden spots and eliminate them if possible.

Remember to be Careful

Remember that snakes can slip under or through very small openings. Keep your doors guarded and make sure that nothing can get through screens, window openings or slip under the door. Draft dodgers help!  Always check areas that are not often disturbed. It’s coming up on Christmas. Don’t pull those decorations out of storage without being careful first!  What can I say? I am totally snake-phobic! I’m sure there’s a word for that!  I checked and it’s Ophidiophobia, I think I’ll just stick to saying I’m afraid of snakes!

pest control perth
Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Let’s talk about the types of snakes.  Australia has a large snake population and a large venomous snake population.  Refer to this page for identification information on various types of snakes. It’s a good reference. The brown snake is pretty common so make sure you can identify that one for sure.



Learn to identify the snakes in your area and learn to stay away from them! Avoid a bite at all cost!

Once Bitten!

Well, now you’ve done it! You’ve gone and gotten a snake bite. What to do? What to do? Call 000 and give them your immediate location. Hopefully, someone else is with you that can see to your wound.

Apply pressure, in fact, immobilize the limb and apply pressure bandages above the bite, working to the bite, covering the limb. Lie still. Take note of any symptoms and relay them to medical personnel as they reach you. If you are alone, keep a look out for more snakes.  The following is a handy snake bite action reference from the St John’s Ambulance Corp. Remember, always call 000 first!

Other references for snake bit information and even identification include: 

 This page is just chocked full of information on bites, types of snakes, symptoms and actions to take. If you live in a highly populated snake area, this is your go-to source for specific snake information.

Australia Parks and Wildlife is a good source of information. Their pest control number Perth is: (08) 9219 9840.

If the thought of heading out to the yard sends shivers up your spine, call a local Perth landscaper in to do the job for you!


Above all, remember to keep calm, call 000 if bitten and steer clear of snakes if you see them in the yard. Also keep your pets inside until you can be sure they have left the area or your qualified pest control Perth technician has given you the all- clear!


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