Budgeting for pest control prices is not fun!

Pest control prices can get out of hand, but with Jim’s Pest Control, I don’t have to worry!


Finding cheap pest control prices and eco-friendly pest control near me is never easy. Jim’s Pest Control, however supplies both. Jim’s pest control prices are fair. They understand budget constraints and can work together with you to develop pest management service programs you are comfortable with in or around your home and budget.


Pest management might be our specialty but customer service is our passion. Jim’s takes pride in having long term customer relationships with both our commercial and residential customers. You aren’t just a number to Jim’s.

If its bed bugs, termites, cockroaches or squirrels, no one cares more than Jim’s Pest Control. No pest infestation is too small or too large. We are ready with a pest treatment plan to meet all your needs and stay within your budget.   Jim’s pest control prices are the best around for the service provided. Some even say they are pest control prices. I prefer the term budgetary aligned pest control prices!

Millipedes and Cockroaches




Right now cheap pest control prices are on my mind because its millipede and cockroach season! Those buggers are on the move. First, the key is prevention. We want to teach you the ABC’s of pest prevention. Check out our blog article here on cockroach prevention tips!

Photo by Jesper Aggergaard on Unsplash




Get caught up on roaches and we’ll go over millipede prevention right here!


Photo by Jan Haerer on Unsplash

Millipede Infestation Prevention

Most of it is actually the same preventative measures you would take with roaches.  The following five steps will help prevent a millipede infestation in your home.


  1.   Clean up debris in your yard and move everything away from the home, piles of wood, piles of rotting leaves,      all of it!
  2.   Repair leaks! Water attracts millipedes, right down to a leaky faucet, pipe or leak from outside.
  3.   Clean out your gutters! Gutter gunk prevents proper drainage and gives those suckers a place to line up       before they find a way inside!
  4.   Seal any foundation cracks, areas around where wiring comes into the house, basically close up any access   they have from outside.
  5.   Finally as you can see they do rely on water and humidity. Run a dehumidifier to keep things on the dry side.

Remember, Jim’s Pest Control treats you like family! We will stay on budget, on time and on point!

We’ll teach you the best options for any type of pest, to prevent a full on pest infestation as well as help alleviate the problem!


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