Pest prevention Perth is a big concern in spring and summer!

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Those bugs are out and about, looking for new nesting spots and places to have their babies! You really don’t want your home to become their future home and nursery! Pest prevention Perth requires that you remove their access! So, let’s talk about some of the places that they may try to get in and take over!



Roof Access

Those little stinkers are adept at finding entry points in your roof, so if you’ve had a leak or cracked shingle or ding or dent, get up on that roof and check it out! Don’t wait until it’s too late! Pest prevention Perth is all about taking precautions! When you are looking for Pest prevention Perth, look no further. Get out your ladder and get up there!  Repair any broken roofing tiles. Walk the roof looking for nests and spots in between tiles. Don’t forget to check the overhang between the wall and the roof to make sure nothing is positioned itself in there. Next, check your downspouts and make sure everything is clear of debris…rotting leaves are just like a buffet for bugs!  The ones you are likely to see on the roof or trying to gain access up there are wasps, hornets, flies and even bees!

Roof Voids/Storage Spaces

These areas are especially vulnerable to termites. We often store our collectibles rare and precious (CRAP) as Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs call them in cardboard boxes in the attic. Don’t fall victim to termites. Store your collectibles rare and precious (CRAP) in plastic boxes so you can enjoy them for many years to come! Cardboard is a good food source for termites. While you are up in the attic moving your CRAP from cardboard boxes to plastic bins or boxes, inspect your beams and make sure they don’t feel flaky or spongy. If they do, you’ll need professional help, pest prevention services, like those offered by Jim’s Pest Control.

Air Vents

Air vents are a very vulnerable spot for pests like termites! When termites swarm in the spring they are out looking to form new colonies. The current colony has become full. Installing mesh screening over the vents can help prevent them from getting in and making your home their new home. With termites, pest prevention is key because making them move out is difficult!


Oh, the terrible thoughts running through your head. Bedrooms are a hotbed of activity. Bedbugs live in your bed, behind the headboard, between the mattress and box spring, eating and enjoying life to the fullest. Carpeting is another area that these little pests love to call home! So how on Earth do you prevent something so awful?

Keeping your room clean is of the utmost importance, but we aren’t talking about just dusting and laundry. Pest prevention Perth is more than just the basics.  Laundry is important, washing linens in hot, hot water, at least 60° C can get them out of your linens but as soon as you put them back on the bed they will come back. So you will need to take other measures to the heart to prevent more from joining the gang. You need to vacuum at least weekly, keep windows closed and put away clutter. Pull furniture out from the walls so it doesn’t touch and inspect for pests regularly. Pest prevention is very important. Don’t allow them into your personal space!


Close those windows! In the basics of pest prevention Perth, this is an easy fix. If you want to leave a window open to take advantage of a breeze, make sure to install screens. Any number of pests can enter through an open window. Wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, flies and termites, really anything are happy to enter here. Ants will even crawl in! So don’t take the chance. Button up as preventing access is your best pest prevention Perth!

Outdoor Spaces

Keep bushes and trees trimmed and away from the home. This alone is a good deterrent for termites. Remove any standing water or rotting mulch from around the house. Piles of rotting much, stacks of wood and old, mouldy leaves are an open invitation for pests, especially termites! They love to munch on rotting vegetation; next, stop your home, so make sure you get all that stuff out and away from your home!

Seal cracks in the patio of your home so nothing can get through. Remove any available food source you can and clear it away from the home. Compost should be kept in a tightly sealed container, again away from the home. Remove old tree stumps as they are a food source for termites as well. Walk the perimeter of your home and gardens, checking regularly for unwanted pests.

The Kitchen…the Source of All that is Good and Holy for Bugs

Creepy crawlies love the kitchen. Pest prevention

in the kitchen is of paramount importance. Ways to prevent pests in the kitchen are simple. Make sure all foods are put away. All the dishes are cleaned and put away each night. Be sure to wipe down counters and stoves every day, making sure any food is gone. Clean the sink, don’t leave dirty dishes until morning. Nor should you leave any food scraps in the sink drainer overnight. Get rid of all of it before going to bed. Wipe everything down and place trash outside in the bins tightly sealed. Setup a fresh bag for the next day. Keeping a careful watch for pests is important. They can ruin foods, leave behind diseases and invade relentlessly.

A final note on pest prevention Perth, make sure to close all entrances and exits to/from your home and seal them tightly. Closing windows upstairs won’t do any good if everything downstairs is open. The pests are sure to find the nearest entrance and make use of it. Remember, no unwanted house guests this summer and if you should find any unwanted guests contact Jim’s Pest Control because our pest prevention services are the bane of bugs large and small!

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