Pest treatment is best left to the professionals.

Pest Control Near Me

When it comes to pest treatment, there are options. Jim’s uses not only chemical and physical but environmental methods as well.

Specific to Needs

If there’s no reason for chemical methods, we won’t use them. We will tailor the method to the pest as well as to the homeowner. If the thought of spraying poison anywhere for any reason makes you shake with anger at the thought, ask for another method. It’s just that simple.

Pest Prevention

In certain cases, it’s as much about clean up to prevent pests as it is about treatment.  Prevention options are outlined in a previous blog entry here:


We will not leave you wondering and will always discuss how to prevent pests so that further treatment is not wasted.

Check out our pest treatment for birds. This is just one example:


We have many to offer.


Environmentally Friendly Options

Environmental treatment methods include planting specific herbs or flowers and spraying environmentally friendly pest treatments. Jim’s won’t let you down. Call us today for a simple evaluation and we can go over each type of pest treatment with you for each type of pest we are finding at your location.

Winning the War!

Don’t wait too long to call for pest treatment. You don’t want to be overrun in your own home. Call in a timely manner and pest treatment can prevent further infestation. Really, it’s the only way to even the odds! Pests after all have a leg up most of the time….well multiple legs!


Schedule a visit from a Jim’s Pest Control specialist today and let peace of mind reign complete in your kingdom.

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