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As the premiere pest management Perth firm, Jim’s Pest Control would like to offer a few tips to educate the average homeowner about snake prevention in summer. Is there anything more terrifying than finding a snake in your carport or worse yet, inside your home? Remember, snake prevention in summer is the key!

The two primary species of snakes in Perth, WA are Dugites and Tiger Snakes. Both are extremely poisonous and their venom can be fatal without immediate medical attention. So don’t try to capture any snake you’ve come across on your own. Call in professionals skilled in snake capture and snake removal services.

Remember in warm temperatures snakes are active and often hunting or looking for mates. In cooler weather they are less active, i.e. hunting less, but they do hide in rock crevasses and log piles, so watch out! Don’t let your dogs or your children go looking about in such areas!

Some general guidelines for snake prevention in summer are:

If you live in an area that is highly snake populated, educate yourself on the types of snakes in your area. Know how to determine if they are poisonous or non-poisonous. Most poisonous snakes have a few commonalities that make them easier to spot, like triangle shaped heads, heat sensing pits and oblong pupils that look like slits. At Jim’s Pest Control these are just a few signs that our exterminator Perth staff looks for.

If you spot a snake in and around your area, steer clear, but observe. When you’ve determined it’s a poisonous snake, call an expert snake catcher Perth. If the snake is not poisonous and you don’t mind them being around, make some noise. Remember snakes are generally afraid of humans unless threatened. So make some noise and watch them move away. Snake removal is serious business so when in doubt call in the experts in snake removal services, Jim’s Pest Control. At Jim’s we are the premiere pest management Perth firm and we are here to serve you.

What to do if a snake gets in the house!

Take note of what type of snake is lurking in your domain.  Close all the doors around the room where the snake is and put towels beneath the doors. Towels will prevent the snake from exploring further. Call an expert in snake capture and snake removal services firm immediately. Wait a safe distance away from the confined snake. Upon your snake wrangler’s arrival, offer as much of a description as possible, then allow them to do their job.

So, remember our top tips for snake prevention in summer! Clean up those yards and keep your doors closed. Snake prevention in summer is the key!

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