Spiders around your home are no laughing matter!


Photo by Wayne Lee-Sing on Unsplash

Not only do spiders around your home make children cringe but those beady eyes, the 8 long legs and sometimes hairy bodies make most adults take a step back! I can just picture the ugly beast crawling up a wall or across a ceiling! Neither children nor adults enjoy the sight of a spider around the house.

Australia’s Many Poisonous Spiders


First, identify what you have. Learning to identify Australia’s most common spiders can save your life.  Next educate yourself on the ones in your area or call Jim’s and we can identify what spiders around your home you’ve found when we come out to visit.

Then, educate your children on the identity of poisonous spiders around your home as well, so they know to keep clear.

What can spiders do around your home?

What can Jim’s Pest Control do about spiders around your home?

What can you do to combat spiders?

Bravery at its Best

In summary, we are not suggesting you run and hide, but calling in a professional before you get a spider infestation is a smart move. At Jim’s we are ready with a spider control solution that can allay your fears and send them running back to the woods that they came from! In short, spiders around your home are no laughing matter. Finally, Call Jim’s Pest Control today to schedule an appointment!


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