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Controlling ants is a constant battle because they are constantly migrating and creating new colonies. Jim’s Termite and Pest Control in Western Australia can help keep ants out of your home or building by inspecting and providing exclusion recommendations and through effective ant treatment approaches that are customised to meet your needs.

Ant infestation causes

The cause of most ant infestations is simple: food. Ants often invade homes and buildings because they provide easy sources of food. Black ants are often attracted to sweet foods and pet food, and they make their way indoors through cracks and crevices during their relentless foraging. If you need ant treatment in Perth Jim’s Termite and Pest Control Western Australia are your local ant experts. 

Ant Control Treatment

The first step in any ant treatment plan is finding what is attracting the ants and removing the food source or stopping access to the food source. Then we inspect to find where the ants are coming from. This is often done by following the ant “trails” that they often follow. These trails will lead to the surface opening to the colony. Our customers often help us find these entrances by simply telling us where they see the most ant activity. Once we locate the colony entrances, we can administer the appropriate treatment. 


One of the easiest prevention steps you can take is to keep your food sealed in airtight containers and clean up crumbs, spilled pet food or any other food sources that might attract ants. You can also try to seal up cracks and crevices around your home. However, you should be aware that since ants are so common and are such prolific colonisers it is normal to have ants re-establish themselves around a home or building. Ants are small, industrious, and relentless, and if they want to find a way into your home, they likely will. For ant treatment in Perth your Jim’s local Pest Technician will have a solution to your ant problems.

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