Termite Treatment and Management

Have a termite problem? Don’t wait!

Termite control is a top concern for Perth and Western Australian homeowners and with good reason.

Termites are very prevalent throughout Perth and Western Australia. If you find termites in your home, taking immediate control measures from a qualified termite company is the best way to avoid the severe structural damage these invasive pests will cause.

There are different approaches to termite management and depending on your specific circumstances there will be a treatment and preventative solution that is suitable for you.

The Building Code of Australia requires that all new homes and extensions have a termite management system in place.

Homes built after July 1995 must have a ‘durable notice’ of treatment fixed to a prominent position in the building, for example near the meter box.

If you’re building a new home or doing a substantial renovation, be sure to put in appropriate physical or chemical barriers. Some can be retrofitted but it’s easier to install them during construction. If you have an existing home without protection we can still help. We have helped many of our clients to retrofit a solution into an existing home.

Your local Jim’s Termite and Pest Control technician can discuss these options with you:

  • Physical barriers
  • Chemical barriers
  • Monitoring and bate stations