There are any number of reasons why pests are attracted to your home.

why pests are attracted to your home

But it’s My House!

Pests are attracted to your home for a few reasons. In fact, they are really just basic needs.  Let’s rule them out one by one to make sure you put your best effort forward before calling in the pros. After all, prevention is half the game. Insects and rodents alike just like people need food, water and shelter. I don’t know about you but I’m not looking to shelter anywhere near rodents or insects! I have enough problems with snakes near me!

Seriously, let’s discuss the whys and then I’ll point you in the right direction so you can make it all better before you have to call in the pros to handle your pest infestation. Rodents are a huge problem as the weather turns cooler. Rodent infestation is very common.

Poor Sanitation

Poor sanitation is the number one cause of pest infestation. Pests are attracted to your home if there is garbage floating around. It’s like an open buffet with an open bar to boot!  Easy access to food makes pests feel right at home. Water, yay; we’re staying! Rodents and other insects seek out nesting places to have their young and you’ve just met two of the requirements, food and water. Awe let’s face it; you’ve got all three, the house, the food, the water.

Clean up your home! Garbage left to rot, things on the counters, full trash bins… these are all open invitations that say come right in, make yourself at home!  Remember pests are normally scavengers. Scavengers will seek food in any form. Fresh or not, it’s all on the menu for them!

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Outside Attractions

Bird feeders are a big attraction to rodents. Leftover food on the ground, seed hulls, extra seeds that birds drop are all calling your mice and rat friends!  Do you have fruit or nut trees on your property? Make sure to clean up whatever hits the ground! Clean up and disposal is paramount!

Water sources in your yard need to be maintained and kept after year round. Pet dishes left out with remaining water or food, pools that are uncovered, hot tubs are all sources for rodent drinking.  Natural sources you can’t control like rivers and ponds are all part of the issue as well. Try to clean up around them if they are on your property. Don’t leave rotting leaves on the edge. Get rid of anything lying about.

Maintain Your Home

Small holes around your foundation or windows are an open invitation for rodents and insects to come in and hang out. Pest infestations are no joking matter. Mice and rats carry diseases that can make you very ill. Other pests carry diseases that are easily spread as well.

Once they get inside, they are there to stay! Normally rodents and insects are looking for places to lay eggs, and rear their young. You know, just like you did when you found your house! It’s warm, secure from predators, has a constant supply of food and water. If you do find that you have a pest or even rodent infestation, don’t go out looking for snakes! Call in the pros. Jim’s pest control has experience in all manner of infestation and we can help you get rid of your pests and send them packing!

Sheltering Outside

Areas they seek outside are firewood piles, sitting automobiles and shrubs or flowers near your home. Keep bushes trimmed away from the house. Move firewood away from the house. Rake up leaves and get rid of them. Remove anything like old cars that are sitting and just providing shelter to pests and wild animals.

Variables beyond your Control

There are variables in attraction beyond your control that cause rodents to seek shelter in your home or your yard. Decreased temperatures cause pests to look for warmer places to live, like inside your home.

Increased predator populations in the area or in the neighbor’s yard will cause them to jump ship over there and head to your place.

Decreased food sources are enough to make them move on. Clean up your yard! Let them all find another house on the block! So that’s why pests are attracted to your home! Keep them on the move!

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